Our Philosophy

We spend most of our life looking for a purpose, seeking happiness and fulfilment. In Japan, a concept called IKIGAI is key to finding a work life balance that adds meaning to your life. The word ikigai, by itself means, “reason for being” and that is core to the belief system that we have adopted in our work. The journey has not been easy but once we began walking on this path, it facilitated the right motives to work with. Ikigai is all about what makes you happy, keeps you motivated, enables you to reflect on life and helps nudge you to a balanced core that keeps things in a positive perspective and brings together four critical life elements;

What you love – this sums up your passion and mission
What you are good at – this highlights your passion and profession
What you can be paid for – this is the profession you choose
What the world needs – that which changes the world

The centre of these four intersecting elements is true ikigai. Our journey is about arriving at this central point and be Change Enablers.

MERAKI is a Greek word that means doing what you do with love, passion and a lot of soul. It translates to labour of love and doing something with absolute passion. It essentially means putting something of yourself into whatever you do, no matter what it is. Through that comes deep commitment to whatever it is that one does.

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Everything in the universe is connected and the work we do affects everything around us. Thus, imbibing a belief system of ikigai (the reason for being) and meraki (putting your soul in what you do), we chose to create an eco-system that brings these two philosophies as close as possible. The truth is, once we began walking this path, this belief system became stronger and stronger. When nothing else works, a core belief system does. That is our growth parameter. We trigger opening of minds to mentor on leadership teams, communication, and change management.

We also build connections and network for mutually productive collaborations. There are infinite possibilities for a better world waiting to happen. Come and be a part of it.